by The Pulverizing Dust

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The Pulverizing Dust is a collaborative DOOM effort between Swedish death metal evil-genius Rogga Johannson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Echelon, Down Among the Dead Men, Johannson & Speckmann, etc) and Canadian creator of sinister art Propraetor.

The Pulverizing Dust is an exploration of both cosmic dread and absolute power - the sheer power of crushing nebulae and the unstoppable force of deadly evolution.


At the time of my arrival
Terror shall drown both men and harlot alike
Skies shall grow charred with dusk
And virtue shall be painted in abhorence

As I arise into power
The monuments of men shall tremble
Crisis shall become sacrament for worms alone

It is written that no god may arise
Without the baptism of apocalypse

On the day of my demise
The mighty devastation I have wrought shall sink
Deep into the chasm wrought by Thy tongue
The carnage and the cries shall eclipse the stars

It is written that when a god shall rise
The cosmos shall shriek in its horror

At the opening of my Eye
A black sun shall rise on the rebirth of my wrath
Renewed for the devouring of Heaven and Hell

Renewed for the devouring....


released May 1, 2017
Music/All instruments/Vocals: Rogga Johansson
Lyrics/Visual: Propraetor



all rights reserved


The Pulverizing Dust

A Pure DOOM music/art collaboration from Rogga Johannson & Propraetor

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